The Netherlands: Waylon unveils song #3, The World Can Wait!

by Roy Knoops 1,300 views

Waylon has reached the third evening of his song reveal week, presenting the much anticipated The world can wait.

Besides being one of the five potential Dutch Eurovision 2018 entries, The world can wait is also the title track of Waylon’s forthcoming new album and eponymous tour.

With much speculation about which song will be Waylon’s entry for Lisbon, many fans and media have put their bet on The world can wait. The catchy title certainly seems to spark the public’s imagination, as it refers to Waylon’s devotion to, and passion for, music – just letting the noise of the outside world be.

The album of the same name will be released on 13 April 2018, as record label Warner Music announced today, with an accompanying Dutch tour between April and September. The world can wait will be Waylon’s fifth studio album and succeeds 2016’s Seeds. All five potential Dutch Eurovision 2018 songs will feature on the album.

For info on the tour visit Waylon’s official website.

Enjoy The world can wait, presented in TV-show De wereld draait door:

Waylon already performed Back together and Outlaw in Em:

Waylon’s song presentation schedule

  • 23/02: Song #1
  • 26/02: Song #2
  • 27/02: Song #3
  • 28/02: Song #4
  • 01/03: Song #5
  • 02/03: Official Dutch Eurovision 2018 entry presentation