Malta: Claudia Faniello releases new single

by Edward Montebello 114 views

Claudia Faniello has just released her new single I hate this song. The popular Maltese singer is working on her first album entitled Convincingly better which will come out next month. This album is expected to give Claudia a new step in her career.

The runner-up in the 2008 Maltese national final is presenting her new style of strong & ambitious pop-rock tunes. Claudia is currently working together with Maltese composers Philip & Sean Vella, however also Swedish and Italian authors are collaborating with the singer. Mary Susan Applegate (co-writer of The Power of Love) gave her support and collaboration to the upcoming album.

This year, Claudia Faniello did her fifth attempt to represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest. Though her entry Samsara did not score high, the singer was invited to perform in the Slovak national final and is set to keep on going strong with the music published in her new album.