Turkey: Selmi Andak died at the age of 89

by Marcus Klier 189 views

Selmi Andak died at a hospital in Istanbul yesterday. He was a famous composer, also known for having competed with ten songs in Turkish national finals for the Eurovision Song Contest between 1975 and 1995.

Selmi Andak has graduated from various international music schools and he also worked as a music journalist. This year, he wanted to celebrate 70th anniversary as a music artist. The following songs by him competed in the Turkish national finals for the Eurovision Song Contest:

  • Bir gün kar?�???�?±la?�???�?±rsak by Gökhan Abur (1975)
  • Hayalimdeki adam by Yeliz (1975, equal 2nd)
  • Gramafon by Neco (1982, 3rd)
  • Sank?�?± dün gibi by Co?�??kun Demir (1984)
  • O ?�??ark?�?±y?�?± henüz yazmad?�?±m by Neco (1984, 3rd)
  • Bir sevgi yeter by Nükhet Duru & Neco (1985)
  • Güne?�?? bir kere do?�??du by Nil Burak (1985, 3rd)
  • Hayat pencerenin d?�?±?�???�?±nda by Seden Gürel & Vedat Sakman (1987)
  • Zamanda Gezinti (Bir dünya do?�??uyor) by Tülay Sayg?�?±n (Asya) & vokalistleri (1990, 10th)
  • Duysun ?�??ark?�?±lar by MET (1995)

Many thanks to fatih civelek for the contribution.


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