Lithuania: Greta Zazza and Ruta Loop return to Eurovizija 2018!

by Roy Knoops 947 views

The public has made its choice: Greta Zazza and Ruta Loop are the lucky artists who will return to Lithuania’s selection Eurovizija 2018.

Broadcaster LRT gave the public the choice to give their favoutite artists, who were eliminated from the previous heats, the chance to return to Eurovizija 2018, Lithuania‘s selection for Eurovision 2018.

Visitors of could cast their vote for twelve former participants of Eurovizija 2018, the top 2 of which would return to the selection.

The votes are in and we now know which two artists earned the favour of the public and will procede to Eurovizija 2018’s semi-finals: Greta Zazza and Ruta Loop!

As was announced on Wednesday morning in the show Labas Rytas, Lietuva (Good Morning, Lithuania), Greta Zazza with her entry Broken shadows convincingly topped the public vote, earning 4484 votes. Ruta Loop and her song Positive thoughts placed second with 3928 votes.

Vidas Bareikis and his song Pusvalanduko came in third place with 3730 points, close behind Ruta Loop yet unfortunately not enough to return to the competition.

Greta Zaza and Ruta Loop will thus compete in the semi-finals of Eurovizija 2018 and still have a chance to represent their country at Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal:

Are you happy with Greta’s and Ruta’s return to Eurovizija 2018? And who would you like to see representing Lithuania at Eurovision 2018?

Eurovizija 2018 schedule

  • 24/02: Semi-Final 1
  • 03/03: Semi-Final 2
  • 11/03: Grand Final