Germany: Unser Lied für Lissabon song titles revealed

by Stratos Agadellis 1,254 views

As the date of the German national final approaches, today sees the national broadcaster NDR reveal the titles of all 6 competing songs on the evening of 22 February. So, let’s see what’s coming!

Who will be the one?

As stated by the broadcaster, the music genres of the 6 songs are quite different to each other. Furthermore, 3 of the 6 titles were decided in the special songwriting camp where the selected entrants joined forces with internationally acclaimed composers. The songs which claim the coveted Eurovision ticket are:

  • Xavier Darcy – Jonah
    Music and lyrics: Xavier Darcy, Loren Nine Geerts, Axel Ehnström, Thomas Stengaard
  • Ivy Quainoo –  House on fire
    Music and lyrics: Jörgen Elofsson and Ali Tamposi
  • Ryk – You and I
    Music and lyrics: Rick Jurthe
  • Michael Schulte – You let me walk alone
    Music and lyrics: Michael Schulte, Thomas Stengaard, Nisse Ingwersen, Nina Müller
  • Natia Todua – My own way
    Music and lyrics: Loren Nine Geerts, Ricardo Bettiol, Martin Gallop, Jaro Omar
  • voXXclub – I mog di so
    Music: Merty Bert, Mike Busse, Philipp Klemz, Lennard Oestmann
    Lyrics: Joe Walter, Philipp Klemz, Martin Simma, Merty Bert, Mike Busse

As already determined and announced, the show will be hosted in the German capital Berlin and its presenters will be Elton and journalist Linda Zervakis. You may purchase your tickets for the show here.

The final outcome of the night will be determined via a mixed voting process: an international jury, the Eurovision public and the public vote, each having a third say. You can get to know who are the  international jury members here.

Germany at Eurovision

Germany has had a record number of 61 Eurovision appearances since their debut in 1956. The country has only missed one contest; in 1996.

The Germans have experienced a mixture of results over the years, including 12 Top 3 placings – including 2 victories (1982, 2010) – as well as 7 last places, 2 of which were accumulated in the current decade.

The central-European country has seen relatively poor results over the last 5 editions. This year, Germany opted for a national final selection and eventually was represented by singer Levina, with her pop entry Perfect life. However, she received a 25th place in the Eurovision final with 6 points.

Can Germany go above and beyond this year?