Daniel Diges: “I wished to sing twice and I did it”

by Victor Hondal 978 views

Daniel Diges, this year's Spanish representative at the Eurovision Song Contest, had an online chat yesterday with his fans on RTVE.es. The singer, “happy” with the result he achieved in Oslo, talked about his Eurovision experience, the interruption of his performance by Jimmy Jump and his wide musical experience, among other topics.

"I was frightened. I thought it could be more serious than it actually was, but nothing happened. So, I am happy", says Daniel Diges while he recalls the moment Jimmy Jump disturbed the Spanish act, and goes on saying that "I wished to sing twice and I did it".

Once his first performance finished, Daniel felt "enraged", but "everyone apologised to us". There was one thing the Spanish representative disliked: "I was asked for my accreditation during the rehearsals and then, this happened. That surprised me. In fact, I nearly missed a rehearsal because I wasn't carrying my accreditation with me".

Daniel feels very thankful to his wide musical experience, enabling him to cope with such situations: "Thank God for being in theatre for so long. Many things have happened to me, and this has been a test that has enabled me to show the best of me and my experience".

The singer also felt the warm support of his fans, family and people in his hometown Alcalá de Henares: "I got 170 sms in my mobile phone and over 200 missed calls. I did not want to pay much attention to the Internet, it either poisons you or makes you feel full of possibilities".

Daniel Diges represented Spain in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Algo pequeñito, placing 15th in the final.