Starting on Monday: Top 10s

by Marcus Klier 111 views

To pass the time between the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 and the beginning of the national final season for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, will take back a look at the history of the Eurovision Song Contest every week with a top ten list on a certain topic.

Every week, a top ten list on a certain topic will be revealed. It will start on Modays with the places 10-8, followed by 7 and 6 on Tuesdays, 5 and 4 on Wednesdays, 3 and 2 on Thursdays and the number one on Fridays. An overview will be provided on Saturdays.

In dedication to Germany's victory in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, the first motto will be:

  • "The top 10 Eurovision hits from Germany"

Criteria to make the list (national and international):

  • High sales figures
  • High chart positions
  • Heavy airplay
  • Status of a song as a "classic"

If you know songs that meet the criteria above, you can suggest them to be featured on the list by posting a reaction!