Malta: Enhance the setup

by Edward Montebello 119 views

Following the third elimination in four editions, the Maltese national broadcaster (PBS) is doing its post mortem in order to get back on track and bring the successful results the country was used to. Though the 18 year old Thea Garrett gave a confident and strong performance she failed to proceed to the final of the last Eurovision Song Contest.

Yesterday during the TV show Inkontri (a discussion programme) aired on ONE TV, the head of the Maltese delegation Joe Dimech stated that PBS is in position to receive any suggestions in order to enhance Malta’s presentation in the contest. A seminar which will be open for discussion towards next year’s participation is planned to be held in the upcoming weeks. Last Sunday the new PBS chairman Joe Mizzi confired the country’s participation in the next Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Germany. He insisted that Malta must continue to participate but the Maltese need to change their attitued towards the contest.

In recent years the Eurovision interest went down in a country which traditionally always showed a passion to Europe’s favourite show. Ex-chairperson of the Malta Song board Grace Borg praised Thea Garrett’s vocal performance but critisised the act presented on stage. Borg is in a current outburst with the Garrett family and PBS due to an alleged unhonoured signed contact. Ex-chairman of the Malta Song board Robert Abela said that Maltese composers were "stuck to the same old melody of seven notes" and they should be much more creative to do well. Robert Abela was head of the Maltese delegation between 2006 and 2008 when the country kicked-off with continuos unsuccessful results in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Thea Garrett was Malta’s 23rd representative in the Eurovision Song Contest. She placed 12th in the first semi-final with 7 points short to qualify to the final.