RÚV announces changes to Söngvakeppnin 2011

by Bjarni H. Halldorsson 208 views

Icelandic television broadcaster RÚV has already announced changes to Söngvakeppnin 2011.

In a letter to theAssociation of Icelandic songwriters; Páll Magnússon, the managing director of Icelandic television broadcasterRÚV has announced that all entriesto Söngvakeppnin 2011 shall beperformedentirely in Icelandic – claiming that it's anIcelandic songcontest intendedfor the entertainment ofIcelandic televisionviewers.

The statement has recieved mixed feelings amongst the Icelandic public, who for the most part support and preferthe Icelandic Eurovision entires to be performed in English.

To the relief of many, the letter goes on to say;

"However, while Söngvakeppnin is stillthe method for choosingthe nation'srepresentative for the Eurovision Song Contest, RÚV will remain true to it'sobligations by providing financial support towards the translation ofthe entry – shouldthatbe the wish of the chosen entrant."

Whether 2011 will see Iceland performing in its nativeIcelandicfor the first time since Paul Oscar's 1997 entry Minn hinnsti Dans remains a mistery for now.

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