Results analysis: Numbers and statistics in the semi finals

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As always after the Eurovision Song Contest, we take a look at the results from a statistical point of view. The analysis is split into four parts and the second part is dedicated to the numbers and records in the semi finals.

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The winners

Belgium won the first semi final with 176 points, clearly ahead of Greece, who achieved 133 points. This means Belgium got an average of 8.79 per country voting, which is the third highest number achieved by any semi final winner since 2004 behind Iceland and Norway last year, who got an average of 9.16 and 9.57 points respectively. Turkey won the second semi final with 118 points, which means an average of 6.56 points per country. This is the second lowest average number of points achieved by a semi final winner behind Romania's 6.18 in 2005. Turkey and Belgium were also the most sucessful qualifiers from their respective semi finals in the final finishing second and sixth respectively.


Belgium and Turkey had both won the Eurovision Song Contest before, but neither of them had won a semi final before. Latvia finished last in a semi final for the second year in a row and Switzerland finished last in a semi final for the second time following 2004. Slovakia finished second last in a semi final for the second year in a row as well. However, a 16th place still means the country's best result to date.

12 points

The following countries got sets of full marks in the semi finals:

1st semi final

  1. Belgium – four times
  2. Russia – three times
  3. Estonia – twice
    Serbia – twice
    Albania – twice
  4. Bosnia & Herzegovina – once
    Malta – once
    Portugal – once
    Belarus – once
    Iceland – once

2nd semi final

  1. Azerbaijan – three times
  2. Armenia – twice
    Denmark – twice
    Sweden – twice
    Georgia – twice
    Turkey – twice
  3. Lithuania – once
    Israel – once
    Romania – once
    Ireland – once
    Cyprus – once
    Croatia – once

More than half of the competing countries in the first semi final got at least one set of 12 points. Despite getting the 12 only once less than winner Belgium, Russia finished only seventh in the semi final. Greece finished second in the semi final without getting any 12. In the second semi final, remarkable 12 of 17 songs got at least once 12.

Stay tuned for the upcoming parts of our results analysis. The parts are:

  1. Numbers and statistics in the final
  2. Numbers and statistics in the semi final
  3. What if…?
  4. Voting blocs, friendly neighbours & diasporas
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