Watch now: First national selection show in San Marino

by Jessica Weaver 1,501 views

San Marino’s debut Eurovision national selection is set to kick off this evening, hosted by SMRTV in collaboration with the London-based company, 1 in 360.

It’s show one time in San Marino this evening, as the country’s Eurovision national selection kicks off from the Slovakian capital of Bratislava.

How to watch?

The first show of San Marino’s national selection will air from 20:05 CET via the following channels:

Debut show

This evening will see the 11 bidding candidates for San Marino perform the acoustic version of their potential entries, which will run through into next week’s second show.

Each bidding entry will be assessed by the jury panel, earlier confirmed as Zoë Straub, Vince Bugg and Neon Hitch, who will determine which of the entries each candidate will compete with in the final of the national selection next month.

The participants

  • Camilla North (Norway)
  • Emma Sandström (Finland)
  • Franklin C​alleja (Malta)
  • Giovanni Montalbano (Italy)
  • Irol (San Marino)
  • Jenifer Besky (Germany)
  • Jessika M​uscat (Malta)
  • Judah Gavra (Israel)
  • ​Sara de Blue (Austria)
  • Sebastian Schmidt (Germany)
  • Tinashe Makura (Zimbabwe)

The selected song for each participant will then be professionally recorded ahead of the final of the competition, set to be made available no later than the 23 February.

None of the artists will be eliminated from the first 2 shows of the selection; only 1 of the 2 bidding entries will be removed from the competition.

Sammarinese selection schedule

  • 09/02: Show 1
  • 16/02: Show 2
  • 03/03: Grand final