San Marino: Neon Hitch revealed as third judge

by Jessica Weaver 967 views

With all competing artists being revealed only a matter of days ago, SMRTV in collaboration with 1 in 360 has confirmed the name of the third judge set to help determine San Marino’s next Eurovision representative.

Two judges down: now we know the name of the third judge set to help San Marino find their next act for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.

With all 11 acts now known, the eventual winner and representative will be determined in February, featuring a combined public and jury vote.

With 2 jury members already being confirmed so far, namely Zoë and Vince Bugg, 1 in 360 has confirmed yet another judging panel member who will feature in the deciding line up: Neon Hitch.

About Neon Hitch

Born on the 25 May 1986 in Nottingham, Neon Hitch is a British singer-songwriter who was raised Kingston-upon-Thames.

Living her early years through different locations across Europe, Hitch soon began street performing around the continent before becoming a skilled trapeze artist, learning many circus tricks in the process.

Hitch’s first career within the music industry started at the age of 17, in which she was signed to The Beats Recordings, before also receiving recognition from the late Amy Winehouse the following year.

Since 2010, Hitch has released numerous tracks, both as a featured artist as well as a solo artist. Her first release was as a featured artist on the single Follow me down, where she appeared alongside American electronic music group, 3OH!3.

Hitch’s most successful release to date was in 2012 where she released her first solo single Fuck u betta, charting in the USA, Sweden and Lebanon.

2016 saw the release of the singer’s debut album entitled Anarchy, with the singer continuing to work on new material.

San Marino’s 2018 search

Kicking off later this month, San Marino will kick off their search for their 2018 Eurovision Song Contest representative.

A total of 11 artists have been shortlisted to compete in the country’s debut national selection process for the competition: 3 artists were determined via a wildcard vote, whilst the remaining 8 acts were selected via a jury vote.

The eventual Sammarinese representative will be determined the following month in February, the winner of which will fly to Lisbon to compete in one of the 2 semi-finals for Eurovision 2018 on either the 8 or 10 May. Can San Marino make their way back into the final in 2018?

Meanwhile, the winner of the Sammarinese national selection will also be offered the chance to record an album as part of their victory.