Hungary: Results of the third heat of A Dal 2018

by Eliza-Jane Oliver 718 views

Hungary has completed the third and final heat of A Dal, their national selection show for Eurovision 2018. Of the ten acts competing tonight, six have made their way to the next stage of the competition.

The results are in!

Hosts Freddie and Krisztina Rátony have revealed the acts moving forward to the semi-final stage of A Dal 2018.

Five of the entries were decided by jury and public vote, with the sixth entry being decided by a further public vote.

The acts moving forward tonight are:

  • Nikoletta Szőke, Attila Kökény & Róbert Szakcsi Lakatos – Életre kel 
  • Tamás Horváth – Meggyfa
  • Maszkura és a tücsökraj – Nagybetűs szavak
  • Ham ko Ham – Bármerre jársz
  • Cintia Horváth & Tomi Balogh – Journey (Break your chains)
  • Roland Gulyás – H Y P N O T I Z E D

This means the four acts that did not make it to the next stage are:

  • #yeahla feat. Viki Eszes – 1 szó mint 100
  • Andy Roll – Turn the lights on
  • Nova Prospect – Vigyázó
  • Reni Tolvai – Crack my code

The eighteen contestants that have made it through will now be split into two semi-finals, which will take place over the next two weeks.

You can catch up on all the entries in A Dal 2018 on their official YouTube page.

A Dal 2018 schedule