Lithuania: Monika Marija replaces Erica Jennings in Eurovizija 2018

by Roy Knoops 2,183 views

Lithuanian The Voice-winner Monika Marija Paulauskaitė will interpret Erica Jennings’ entry The truth in the next heat of Eurovizija 2018.

Following Erica Jennings‘ withdraw from Lithuania’s selection for Eurovision due to her dismay at the jury’s approach to judging, the Irish-born singer offered her entry The truth to be sung by another artist.

And that call has been answered, as Monika Marija Paulauskaitė will sing The truth in the next heat of Eurovizija 2018.

Monika Marija is no stranger to the stage, as she recently won the 5th season of Lietuvos Balsas, the Lithuanian version of the popular Dutch franchise The Voice. Incidentally, Monika Marija was part of Team Donny Montell, who himself twice represented Lithuania at Eurovision (2012 and 2016).

At the final of The Voice Lithuania they sang Donny’s Eurovision 2016 entry, I’ve been waiting for this night, together:

Monika Marija’s performance of The truth, which was judged by the jury, took place on Tuesday 30 January in the pre-recorded show. The show will air next Saturday at 20.00 CET on LRT and LRT Lithuanica, and then the televoters may also cast their vote.

Monika will join a further 12 artists in this weekend’s coming show, in which a total of 6 artists will advance to the next stage of the competition. Competing in the fourth heat of Eurovizija 2018 are the following:

  1. Ruta LoopPositive thoughts
  2. Jurgis BrūzgaFor love
  3. OfelijaButterfly
  4. Dainotas Varnas – Merrygoround
  5. Rugilė DaujotaitėLove is the flower of life
  6. Kotryna JuodzevičiūtėThat girl
  7. Marius PetrauskasDeath by a kiss
  8. Silvija PankūnaitėReal
  9. El FuegoI do believe
  10. MarijaThis love
  11. Rasa KaušiūtėSilence
  12. The RoopYes I do
  13. Monika MarijaThe truth