Georgia celebrates Independence Day

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The wonderful newly built Oslo Opera House, completed in 2008, was the setting on Saturday night, for the Georgian delegation to host 1000 invited guests, in celebration of their national independence day. Georgian Independence Day is actually on 26 May, but the delegation wanted to celebrate the return of Georgia to Eurovision too, and so the solution was a combined party a few days early.

All the delegations, including artists taking part in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, representatives from the European Broadcasting Union and Norwegian TV, as well as the Eurovision press were invited to the party. Even people without invitations were warmly welcomed to experience the excellent hospitality of the Georgian hosts. All attendees shared in the joy and happiness of the proud independence that the Georgian people have enjoyed since the early nineties.

The head of the Georgian delegation is renowned classically trained, jazz artist, Maia Baratashvili, who together with the Shin group treated the audience to sparkling and contemporary interpretations of Georgian folk pieces. During Maia’s twenty year career she has released five CDs, and received the Monte Carlo Jazz Award in 2007.

The featured guest was Sofia Nizharadze, performing the 2010 Georgian entry Shine, with backing vocalists Sopho Toroshelidze and Helen Kalandadze along with three dancers. Head of delegation Maia says of Sofia We are proud to have a contestant like Sofia, for she has all the right composites that a good performer should have. She is beautiful, talented and despite her young age she has the motivation of an experienced professional. She also has the perseverance and endurance needed for the contest.

All the guests were treated to delicious Georgian wine from the Telliani Valley, which is renowned for its fine wines.

Pictures from the Georgia party

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