Lithuania: Results of the third show of Eurovizija 2018

by Alex Vovidis 1,196 views

Tonight, we saw another 12 acts successfully performing in the Lithuanian national selection. Now, the show is over and we have the results of the 6 finalists that are going to the next phase, who are closer to represent Lithuania in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest

This evening, 12 acts competed in the country’s national selection as night 3 got underway. With 12 acts having already qualified from the previous 2 shows, we now know a total of 18 acts who have proceeded in the competition, with the Eurovision bid continuing.

In tonight’s show, which was pre-recorded on Tuesday evening, both the jury and the viewing public had the chance to vote for their favourite acts of the evening, the top 6 of which would advance in the contest.

Here are tonight’s qualifiers

Without further ado, the 6 qualifiers are:

  1. Greta Zazza – Broken shadows
  2. Agnė Michalenkovaitė – Going on
  3. Gabrielius Vagelis – The distant
  4. Silvijos Pankūnaitės & GeraiGerai – More than you know
  5. Živilė Gedvilaitė – Melody
  6. Vidas Bareikis – Pusvalanduko

That means we wave goodbye to Donata Virbilaitė, ELEY, E.G.O, Evelina Jocytė, Valdas Lacko and Milda Martinkėnaitė, who did not manage to reach the top 6 places on the scoreboard.

Combined results from show 3 of Eurovizija 2018.

The national selection in Lithuania still has a few steps before declaring the representative to the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon.

Four more shows are scheduled before the semi-final and the Grand final, which will take place on 11 March.

Eurovizija 2018 schedule

  • 06/01: Show 1
  • 20/01: Show 2
  • 27/01: Show 3
  • 03/02: Show 4
  • 10/02: Show 5
  • 17/02: Show 6
  • 24/02: Show 7
  • 03/03: Semi-final
  • 11/03: Grand final