Croatia: Nina Kraljić releases Lay You Down

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Croatia’s 2016 Eurovision representative Nina Kraljić has announced the release of her new English-language single Lay you down.

Lay you down follows Negdje (Somewhere) as the next release of the successful album Samo (Only) by Nina Kraljić. Moreover, Lay you down is the first English-language song released by Nina since her Eurovision 2016 entry Lighthouse.

Lay you down is a heartfelt ballad, featuring Nina Kraljić’ distinctive, haunting vocals.

About Lay you down, Nina Kraljić says:

I wrote the song Lay You Down five years ago. Actually, I’ve merged two of my songs into one, realizing that they’re spinning around the same idea. It’s not written in 15 minutes as another song from the album, Lullaby, but has been created through a one-month process.

To the same realization, a lot of time has passed before presenting it to the audience and the spotlight, but both songs are related to my private life and intimate experiences. In this case, there was a six-year relationship.

As I write a song I always hear the melody first, and I was lucky and privileged that, during the creation of the song Lighthouse for the Eurovision Song Contest, I was introduced to Tania Saedi, a wonderful and talented musician who helped me to lift the lyrics to a higher level in certain places.

Lay you down, written by Nina Kraljić and Tania Saedi, and produced by Ivan Popeskić, has been released for radio airplay.

An accompanying music video, recorded at the Palači Dverce (Dverce Palace) and directed by Zvonimir Murković and Dora Borovička, will be presented on Friday 26 January.

Lay you down by Nina Kraljić is available on Spotify:

Upcoming concert

Nina Kraljić is also set to perform in a concert with Slovenian pianist Manca Udovič on Friday 19 January at the Kinu Šiška (Katedrala), Ljubljana (Slovenia): Manca Udovič ft. Nina Kraljić: Romanca, from 20:00 CET onwards. For information, visit

About Nina Kraljić

Nina Kraljić (Lipovljani, Croatia, 1992) is a Croatian singer-songwriter.

Having studied opera and Croatian Studies, her love for music first caught the attention of the public when she participated in the Croatian version of Got Talent in 2009, finishing in 10th place.

Her mainstream breakthrough followed in 2015 when she won the first season of The Voice – Najljepši glas Hrvatske, the Croatian edition of the popular Dutch franchise The Voice. During The Voice, Nina Kraljić was coached by well-known Croatian artist Jacques Houdek (Eurovision 2017).

Nina Kraljić released her critically acclaimed debut album Samo in September 2016.

Nina Kraljić was selected by Croatian broadcaster HRT to represent the country at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden. She eventually placed 23rd in the Grand Final with her entry Lighthouse, receiving 73 points.