UPD Poland: Marcin's team for Oslo almost unchanged

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Being a guest of popular shows Coffee or tea? (TVP1) and The private collection (Polish Radio 3), Marcin Mrozinski, Polish representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, confirmed that his team for Oslo will remain almost unchanged in comparison to National Final.

Marcin will be accompanied by his friends Mirella Kostrzewa and Ma�gorzata Czaczkowska, who are soloists of the State Folk Group of Song and Dance Mazowsze and by Weronika Bochat, who sings in the Musical Theatre Roma. She also represented Poland in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2004 with the group KWADro.

However, there will be a small change in the composition of dancers. This time Paulina Andrzejewska (The Musical Theater Roma) will do a duet with Oliwia Kuku�ka, making a totally female entourage around Marcin. The character of the dance will be also changed. Performance is directed by Dariusz Lewandowski.

In the popular Trójka in Polish Radio Marcin MroziÅ�ski shared with the listeners part of his private collection. He spoke not only about his musical fascinations, but also his preparations for Oslo. Among the many songs he played, the audience could listen to pieces from musicals like Cabaret, Moulin Rouge and Kabaret Starszych Panów. He presented his favorite songs by Anna Maria Jopek with Pat Metheny, Sanne Salomonsen and Grégory Lemarchal as well.

Postcard recording tomorrow
Meanwhile, NRK records Polish postcard on May 5th at noon.

UPDATE: TVP has changed the place for the recording of the postcard. The new meeting point is the Sigismund's Column, near the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

It is worth remembering that Chopin was recalled by Marcin Mrozi�ski during his trip to Sarajevo. Then he gave gift albums released in the bicentenary birth of Polish composer for singers from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, FYR Macedonia and Ireland, recalling that the Eurovision songs in their lyrics mentioned Chopin, including the winning song from Yugoslavia in 1989, Rock me by Riva.

Special thanks to Szymon Stellmaszyk