Malta: Vivid Thea Garrett in Belgium

by Edward Montebello 61 views

Last Friday, Thea Garrett attended a Eurovision party held in Antwerp, Belgium. The 18 year old singer had a successful promotion towards her participation in Oslo.

This afternoon the Maltese Eurovision hopeful attended 'Studio TVL' show on Belgian channel TV-Limburg. Thea Garrett gave also interviews to the local and international press that gathered in Antwerp this weekend. Her satisfaction was highly evident as she had the opportunity to meet other Eurovision hopefuls from six different countries i.e. Armenia, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Greece, Ireland and Serbia.

Following her visit in Belgium, Thea Garrett will be back to Malta in order to do her final touches on the actual performance to be presented in Oslo. The performance is expected to be simple in order to let Thea Garrett's vocal abilities shine in the song. Earlier before kicking her first promo destination in Slovakia, this year's Maltese representative spoke about her excitement towards her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. The Maltese delegation will fly to this year's host city on 15th May.

You can browse pictures from Thea's visit to Belgium here .

Thea Garrett will perform in the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest, at spot #11 with the song My Dream.