United Kingdom: Rachel Clark first Eurovision: You Decide participant?

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More names are making waves within the world of Eurovision, as the wait to find out who will compete in the United Kingdom’s upcoming national final continues. However, has the first name Eurovision: You Decide be revealed?

Earlier this week, a local Thame-based website reported that a song written by composer Samir Elshay had been shortlisted to compete at the United Kingdom’s forthcoming national final for Eurovision 2018, Eurovision: You Decide.

Whilst the initial article has since been deleted, Elshay’s name continues to make the rounds following news from British tabloid The Sun, who has now reported that Elshay’s submitted entry, entitled Crazy, will be performed by backing dancer and vocalist Rachel Clark.

‘Six little-known performers’ to compete

According to The Sun sources, the British national broadcaster, BBC, has once again opted to select 6 little-known performers to compete in Eurovision: You Decide, continuing the tradition of finding unknown talent to represent the United Kingdom.

A Eurovision insider went on to reveal:

This song is one of six extremely high- calibre entries for this year’s UK selection show and all of them have a distinctly modern feel. The standard is higher than ever, it’s going to be a really tough choice.

Who is Rachel Clark?

Based in London, Rachel Clark is a singer-songwriter, dancer and DJ who has performed internationally, namely in countries such as the UAE, Macao, Italy and Malaysia.

Clark, also known under her DJ name Raya, graduated from BIMM London and received the award for Best Performer of the Year, since becoming a versatile artist and establishing herself within a number of musical genres, some of which include soul, funk, disco, swing and rock.

Clark has supported a number of artists on stage, including The Hurts, Giovanca and even the alleged songwriter behind her bidding Eurovision entry, Elshay, and has also become known within the world of West End musicals.

Recording for a beautiful new musical called 'Children Of The Sun' today with the wonderful Mr Simon Lee and co… ❤️•…

Geplaatst door RAYA op donderdag 28 september 2017

Previously, Clark has also performed as a backing dancer for former X Factor UK winners and one of the most internationally successful girl groups, Little Mix.

Eurovision: You Decide will take place next month on the 7 February, in which a total of 6 artists will be competing for the right to represent the United Kingdom at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.