United Kingdom: Local media reports first Eurovision: You Decide song?

by Jessica Weaver 2,676 views

Has the first song entry for the upcoming Eurovision national final for the United Kingdom been revealed? According to a local news site, that may very well be the case!

Anticipation has been rising since the BBC, the British national broadcaster, confirmed the hosts and date for the country’s upcoming Eurovision national final, Eurovision: You Decide.

Speculation late last week saw a list a names circling the internet following a post made by a user via an online forum. Names featuring in the list included the likes of Max Murphy, Kelsey Crosslet, Joe Astley, Judyshouse, Anna Pancaldi and Lucie Barat.

Since the name list was circulated widely across sites and social media, some of the named artists spoke out to deny the claims, revealing that they had not in fact entered the competition.

But that leaves the question: Who will be competing in the 2018 edition of Eurovision: You Decide?

First song entry confirmed?

News regarding the first potential artist for the British national final came to light earlier today, with local news site Thame.net reporting that the singer-songwriter, Samir Elshay, has submitted an entry which has made the top 6 of the competition, allegedly featuring in next month’s selection.

According to the Thame-based website, Elshay’s composed entry is set to compete in Eurovision: You Decide on the 7 February, the song of which is entitled Crazy.

However, the news site reports that Elshay’s submitted entry will be performed by a female artist, therefore meaning that Elshay would not be competing in the national final directly as an artist, but rather as a songwriter.

The now-deleted article from original source.

Elshay has previously written and performed his own songs in the past, one of which you can check out below.

It should be noted that, despite this latest revelation, this is currently unconfirmed and the BBC has yet to react any of the recent list of speculated names and artists, with further details regarding the bidding Eurovision: You Decide entries expected to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

When can we expect to hear the entries?

Traditionally since the BBC’s return to a national selection process back in 2016, the broadcaster has opted to premiere the bidding entries via The Ken Bruce Show on BBC Radio 2, typically on the Monday before its usually-scheduled Friday show.

However 2018 sees a slight change to the United Kingdom’s selection: this year’s national final for the country is set to air on a Wednesday, planned to take place in Brighton on the 7 February.

Whether the competing entries will be presented on the Monday Ken Bruce show before the event, or whether the songs will be unveiled at an earlier date is expected to be revealed in due course.

What we do know, however, is that the rumour mill regarding the United Kingdom is not set to stop any time soon…