Finland: UMK18 songs to be released next month; first song on 9 February

by Jessica Weaver 4,795 views

Soon enough, we will get to know each of Finland and Saara Aalto’s bidding entries for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, each of which are set to compete in the country’s upcoming national final.

2018 is an exciting year for Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest: with the nation’s first ever internal artist selection and changes to the Finnish national final, the country is looking to get themselves back into the Eurovision final this year!

Back in November, the Finnish national broadcaster – YLE – confirmed that 2-time former Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK) and X Factor UK 2016 runner-up, Saara Aalto, has been internally selected to represent her home country of Finland at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

Following their surprise announcement, YLE went on to reveal that UMK will still in fact be taking place, however the national final will be dedicated entirely to the Finnish singer, with a total of 3 entries competing in the upcoming competition.

Song revelation in February

Ahead of the UMK final on the 3 March, YLE and Saara Aalto will unveil each of the 3 bidding entries, each of which were determined last month during her visit to Norway.

With the entries set to be released over 3 consecutive Fridays, the bidding songs will be unveiled on the following days:

  • 09/02: First song revelation
  • 16/02: Second song revelation
  • 23/02: Third song revelation

Each of the entries, along with the official music video, will be presented at 00:00 local time (23:00 CET the previous evening) via the official UMK website.

Speaking of her 3 potential Eurovision entries, Saara Aalto revealed:

All three songs are so great that any of them could be a winner, all having really strong themes and memorable melodies. I think everyone will find their own favourite and the 3 March show will be a very tight contest.

Linnea Deb collaboration

Only a matter of weeks after her initial announcement, Aalto publicly revealed that she had been working alongside Swedish singer-songwriter, Linnea Deb, for at least one of her bidding Eurovision entries.

Deb has had vast previous Eurovision experience, having co-produced both Sweden’s 2013 entry (You, Robin Stjernberg) together with the country’s winning song on 2015 (Heroes, Måns Zelmerlöw).

Aalto has been busy in studios across the Nordic nations in the lead up the March’s national final: only a matter of weeks to go until we know the 3 bidding Finnish entries!

Are you excited to hear Finland’s bidding 2018 Eurovision entries? Tickets are still on sale for the country’s upcoming national final!