Finland: Saara Aalto collaborates with Linnea Deb

by Eleanor Cooper 1,084 views

The Finnish act for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, Saara Aalto, has confirmed a collaboration with singer-songwriter Linnea Deb.

Linnea Deb is a Swedish singer-songwriter who has written many popular national selections and Eurovision entries.

Her most famous include the 2015 winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, Heroes, and You which represented Sweden at Eurovision 2013.

She has written 13 other Melodifestivalen songs, including Loreen’s Statements. She also wrote the song Cool me down, which finished second in the Polish national final in 2016, and Thunderstruck, which finished in second place in the Norwegian national final in 2015.

Aalto and Deb collaborate for UMK?

Saara posted this to her Twitter account yesterday, announcing the collaboration:

The hashtags #esc2018 and #eurovision were included in her post, hinting that the material may be potential entries for the upcoming UMK show.

Three songs will be performed by Saara in the Finnish national final, with the shortlisted entries expected to be revealed closer to the UMK show.

Finland announced their internal selection of Saara on 7 November this year, whilst the song will be chosen during a national final on 3 March 2018.