Malta: Thea Garrett cancels trip to The Netherlands

by Edward Montebello 63 views

Maltese representative Thea Garrett cancelled her trip to The Netherlands following the travel chaos that emerged in Europe in the past days. The Maltese singer was scheduled to fly to the Dutch capital in order to appear in the Eurovision in Concert that will take place next Saturday in Zaanstad.

The volcano in Iceland seems to trouble this year’s Eurovision hopefuls by interruptingitheir promo tours. Thea Garrett who came back to Malta yesterday from Rome was amongst the stranded passengers in Frankfurt. Earlier last week she kicked-off with her promotional tour in Slovakia. The Maltese hopeful was expected to come back to Malta last Thursday but she was stuck in Germany following a transfer flight from Bratislava.

The singer made a seventeen hour train journey to the Italian capital and eventually she boarded a plane that got her back safely home. Due to other commitments planned to take place prior to her visit to Amsterdam it was decided that Thea Garrett will not take part in the Dutch event.

Meanwhile a spokesperson for the national TV station PBS said that her appearance in Slovakia was highly noticed by the local press. During her stay in Bratislava Thea Garrett recorded a performance for a talent show to be broadcasted on STV. The eighteen year old singer also appeared on a breakfast show and gave an interview for a national radio station.

Her next stop is on 29th April when Thea leaves for Belgium. She will be attending the live afternoon show 'Studio TVL' on Belgian channel TV-Limburg. The following day, Thea Garrett will be attending the Eurovision party to be held in Antwerp.

Thea Garrett will perform in the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest, at spot #11 with the song My Dream.