Romania: Eyjafjallajökull makes Paula go on tour alone

by Aris kalimeris 84 views

Paula seling and Ovi started their promo tour last week visiting several countries, but Playing with fire was promoted only by Paula as Ovi is stuck in Oslo after the Icelandic volcano paralised all flights.

Paula Seling and Ovi promote their Eurovision entry in Europe. After visiting Chisinau and Brussels, Paula continued the promotion by herself as Ovi remained during that period in Norway due to contractual obligations.

Paula visited Sofia and Skopje where she appeared in several TV shows and gave numerous interviews. The next days, Paula, travels to Turkey alone as Ovi is stuck in Norway after the volcano ashes paralised all flights. Ovi seems to be very affected about this situation as he declares through his facebook account and wishes Paula good luck in Turkey, hoping to make it back in Romania this weekend.

We hope they will make it to the London's UK Eurovision party and continue their promotion tour together.

Below, you can listen a remix of Playing with fire: