OGAE poll 2010: UK, Turkey, FYR Macedonia and Luxembourg vote

by Stella Floras 255 views

The much awaited OGAE club poll has already kicked off all over Europe. In a year with no clear favourites, it will be very interesting to see what the Eurovision Song Contest fans feel about this year's participants.

The first countries to send in their votes this year are the United Kingdom, Turkey, FYR Macedonia and Luxembourg.

This is how the members of OGAE UK voted:

Spain 1 point
Germany 2 points
Belgium 3 points
Sweden 4 points
Albania 5 points
Croatia 6 points
Norway 7 points
Denmark 8 points
Iceland 10 points

and the 12 points from the UK fans go to …..Ireland

Just missing out:

This is the vote of OGAE Turkey:

Ireland 1 point
Switzerland 2 points
Ukraine 3 points
Albania 4 points
Israel 5 points
Sweden 6 points
Denmark 7 points
Armenia 8 points
Azerbaijan 10 points

and the Turkish fans award maximum 12 points to… Germany

Just missing out:

Next to send in their votes are OGAE Macedonia

Sweden 1 point
Denmark 2 points
Moldova 3 points
Azerbaijan 4 points
Slovakia 5 points
Armenia 6 points
France 7 points
Albania 8 points
Turkey 10 points
Croatia 12 points

The fourth club to send in their votes are OGAE Luxembourg:
Iceland 1 point
Croatia 2 points
Sweden 3 points
Denmark 4 points
Spain 5 points
Ireland 6 points
Norway 7 points
Belgium 8 points
Lithuania 10 points
Germany 12 points

Just missing out:


After four clubs have voted, Germany is in the lead followed closely by Denmark and Croatia with Ireland in fourth place. Nineteen countries have received points so far with only Denmark and Sweden receiving points from all clubs.

Germany 26
Denmark 21
Croatia 20
Ireland 19
Albania 17
Armenia 14
Azerbaijan 14
Sweden 14
Norway 14
Belgium 11
Iceland 11
Lithuania 10
Turkey 10
France 7
Spain 6
Slovakia 5
Israel 5
Moldova 3
Ukraine 3

More OGAE club polls to follow shortly so stay tuned.

Stella Floras

Thanks to Johnny Logan and Hold me now I fell in love with the Eurovision Song Contest, a love that's been going strong ever since with undiminished passion. My first memories date back to 1977 and the lyrics of Rock bottom, Dschinghis Khan and A ba ni bi are still engraved in my brain.

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