Armenia: Eva Rivas in Cyprus and Russia

by Zaven Shegrikyan 892 views

Eva Rivas just completed her promo-tour in Cyprus. Now the Armenian participant of the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 is heading to Russia, Moscow where she will take part in the annual Armenian Music Awards in diaspora.

After having several concerts in Nicosia, she performed as a guest in Cypriot TV programs on different channels. The symbolic planting of apricot trees also took place in Nicosia, where she was welcomed by the Mayor of the city, Eleni Mavrou.

After Cyprus Eva will visit Moscow, Russia. The Annual Armenian Music Awards in diaspora will take place in Moscow on the 18th of April. Other participants of the Eurovision Song Contest will also perform during the concert. The concert will be held in Moscow Kremlin Palace and the fans wishing to attend the concert can contact: + 7 917 554 09 72.

Watch the videos from Eva's Cypriot promo-tour

The composer of the song Armen Martirosyan talks to "Gibrahayer's" Simon Aynedjian

Meeting with Eleni Mavrou: