Belarus: BTRC receives over 30 entries to date; live auditions on 11 January

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BTRC, the Belarusian national broadcaster, has confirmed that the live audition stage of their national selection process will take place on the 11 January 2018.

Confirming their intent to host a national final back in August, BTRC opened submissions at the start of this month in order for artists and composers from across the globe to submit their entries for the country’s upcoming contest.

Submission closure today

With submissions being open throughout most of December, BTRC has today closed their submission process for their upcoming selection.

Next month on the 11 January, BTRC will broadcast their annual Live Audition phase of their selection, in which all bidding artists will perform in front of the jury panel in the hope of qualifying to the Final of the competition in the weeks to follow.

As with previous years, the Live Auditions phase of Belarus’s selection process will be broadcast live via the official BTRC website, in which viewers from Europe and beyond will be able to watch and listen to all of the bidding entrants.

The selected jury panel will determine no more than 15 finalists for the Belarusian national final, all of whom will be revealed on the same day as the Live Audition stage.

The country’s national final will take place no later than the 1 March 2018, with an official final date expected to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

2017’s Belarusian representatives, Naviband, qualified to the final in Kyiv

Over 30 submissions received

As of earlier today, BTRC has received over a total of 30 entries for their upcoming selection process, with further entries expected over the course of the day. A final total of entries are expected to be unveiled in due course.

The Belarusian national broadcaster confirmed some of the artists who have submitted their entries so far: Janet, Alen HitKattie, Provocation and Aleksandra Tkach to name a few.

Who would you like to see in the Belarusian line-up for Eurovision 2018? Who would be a good follow-on artist from 2017’s Naviband?