Bosnia & Herzegovina: Jala Brat unveils Nema Bolje music video

by Eleanor Cooper 1,964 views

The rapper who represented Bosnia & Herzegovina in 2016 as part of a quartet, Jala Brat, has released a new music video for his song Nema bolje.

The rapper’s latest song, Nema bolje, features Jala Brat alongside two other artists – Buba Corelli and RAF Camora.

Buba Corelli is also a Bosnian rapper, who has collaborated with Jala on two previous occasions, with albums SA sin city and Pakt s đavolom.

RAF Camora, born in Switzerland with the birth name Raphael Ragucci, is an Austrian hip-hop musician and producer based in Berlin.

Check out the Nema bolje music video below!

All three artists wrote the song, but it was arranged and mixed by RimDa and JanZoo, whilst the mastering was completed by Lex Barkey.

Jala at Eurovision 2016

Jala Brat represented Bosnia & Herzegovina in 2016 alongside three other artists – Dalal Midhat-Talakić, Deen and Ana Rucner with the song Ljubav je.

Unfortunately they didn’t make it to the final, just missing out with 104 points and ending in 11th place in the first semi-final.