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Feminnem has spoken to of their experiences and their second chance in the Eurovision Song Contest. Read the interview below!

1. Hello girls, first of all tell me how do you feel about going to the Eurovision Song Contest again.

Very happy of course to get a second chance as smarter and more experienced singers.

2. Your song is titled Lako je sve. Tell us something about it.(writer, composer, how the song was born, how the idea was born…)

Well, Branimir Mihaljevic, our producer called us to come and hear his new song for us. After he finished playing the song on his piano, we had to have lyrics to it because we "fell in love at first hearing". The song is about unconditional love, faith, betrayal, forgiveness. The idea was to try to convince people that love does always win, no matter what.

3. You represented Bosnia and Herzegovina back in 2005 and now you represent Croatia. Any differences between these 2 participations?

We were younger, had no experience and had a song that somebody wrote not even for us. Call me is a great song but when you do something yourself, feeling is greater and a desire to do best is bigger.

4. You are very high at the bettings and some people say that you might be a winner, and that Croatia will win. What do you think about that and especially of the fact that many think that your song is a possible winner.

It makes us happy but it is best for us to stay on grounded and do our best to make a performance as good as possible. We are thankful that the song has found a way to people and very humble because we know how hard it is to win such a big festival.

5. Three beautiful girls singing with no tricks or gimmicks or change of clothes etc. That's what we saw in your national final. Are you gonna change anything regarding your stage performance in Oslo? What we will see there?

You will just have to wait and see!

6. What were Feminnem doing from 2005 until today?

Hehehe.. we don't have enough time. We changed a few band members, had lots of gigs, two albums…

7. Are you planning to go on a promotion tour of your song and where?

No. We think that the song does the best promotion on it's own. We are going to Malta, but that is pure pleasure!

8. Have you heard the other songs this year? Is there anyone that you like?

Of course and there are very good songs. We are just waiting to see the live performance because that is the most important thing.

9. Why did you choose this year to participate in the ESC? Do you feel more mature or was it just a decision. How did that happen?

It was our decision because we wanted to prove that we are not joking when we say that we live for music. This is the greatest music manifestation and it's an honor to participate.

10. Please send a message to all your fans and the readers:

Thank you for believing in us and keep the faith! FEMINNEM loves YOU!

Thank you and good luck to Oslo!

Feminnem singing Lako je sve on Zvijezde pjevaju: