Introducing 2010: Armenia

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All songs for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 have been selected. During the weeks between the national final season and the actual Eurovision Song Contest, we will introduce all 39 entries in random order. Part nine of the series is dedicated to the Armenian entry.

Basic information

Performer: Eva Rivas (ÔµÕ¾Õ¡ Õ�Õ«Õ¾Õ¡Õ½)
Song: Apricot stone
Language: English
Music: Armen Martirosyan (Ô±Ö�Õ´Õ¥Õ¶ Õ�Õ¡Ö�Õ¿Õ«Ö�Õ¸Õ½ÕµÕ¡Õ¶)
Lyrics: Karen Kavaleryan (Ô¿Õ¡Ö�Õ¥Õ¶ Ô¿Õ¡Õ¾Õ¡Õ¬Õ¥Ö�ÕµÕ¡Õ¶)
Draw: 2nd in the second semi final

The song

Apricot stone is a mid-tempo/up-tempo pop song with ethnic influences in the arrangement. Through the lyrics, the singer tells that she is longing for her home, when she realises how cruel the world can be. Her motherland is symbolised by an apricot stone, which was given to her be her mother, as the fruit is believed to be native in Armenia and has therefore become a symbol of the country.

May God bless and keep my cherished fruit
Grow my tree up to the sky
Once I waved my home goodbye
I just wanna go back to my roots

Apricot stone
Hidden in my hand
Given back to me
From the motherland
Apricot stone
I will drop it down
In the frozen ground
I'll just let it make its round

The performer

Eva Rivas has Russian and Armenian roots and she grew up in Rostov-on-Don. She has been singing since her childhood joining the music group Arevik at the age of only nine. The ensemble was very successful and won various awards in Russia. Soon, the singer also started working as a model and competed in beauty contests on homeground. In 2005, she won the first prize in the annual Armenian Song of the Year gala.

Since 2008, she has been working with an Armenian production team and she is currently recording her first album. Her song Tamam ashkhara, whose video clip was directed by Bookhadir Yuldeshev, was released last year and it was received well.

In 2010, Eva Rivas entered the Armenian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest. She won the national selection with her song Apricot stone and will therefore be the country's fifth representative in the competition.

The songwriters

The Armenian entry was written by Armen Martirosyan (music) and Karen Kaveleryan (lyrics), who both have Eurovision Song Contest experience. Armen Martirosyan composed Armenia's debut entry in 2006. Without your love finished sixth in the semi final and eighth in the final performed by André. Karen Kaveleryan keeps the record in having written songs for the most different countries. He co-wrote the lyrics for the Russian entries in 2002 (Northern girl, 10th place) and 2006 (Never let you go, 2nd place) and wrote the Belarusian lyrics in 2007 (Work your magic, 6th place), the Armenian lyrics in 2007 (Anytime you need, 8th place), the Georgian lyrics in 2008 (Peace will come, 11th place) and the Ukranian lyrics in 2008 as well (Shady lady, 2nd place).

The national final

The Armenian national final was held with nine acts competing. Eva Rivas won the televoting by a landslide and finished second in the jury voting and was therefore chosen as Armenian representative for Oslo. The jury favourites were Emmy & Mihran with Hey (Let me hear you say).

Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest

Armenia took part in the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in 2006 and has become one of the most successful countries since finishing in the top ten on every occassion. Their best result was a fourth place in 2008, achieved by Sirusho with the song Qele qele.

ÔµÕ¾Õ¡ Õ�Õ«Õ¾Õ¡Õ½Õ«Õ¶ Ö�Õ¡Õ¶Õ¯Õ¡Õ¶Õ¸Ö�Õ´ Õ¥Õ¶Ö� Õ°Õ¡Õ»Õ¸Õ²Õ¸Ö�Õ©ÕµÕ¸Ö�Õ¶, Õ¬Õ¡Õ¾ Õ¥Õ¬Õ¸Ö�ÕµÕ© Ö� Õ¬Õ¡Õ¾ Õ¡Ö�Õ¤ÕµÕ¸Ö�Õ¶Ö� OÕ½Õ¬Õ¸ÕµÕ¸Ö�Õ´


Live performance in the national final:

The preview video:

Eva Rivas – Tamam ashkhara:

Eva Rivas in Thessaloniki:

Tomorrow, we will take a look at the Spanish entry.

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