Introducing 2010: Belarus

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All songs for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 have been selected. During the weeks between the national final season and the actual Eurovision Song Contest, we will introduce all 39 entries in random order. Part two of the series is dedicated to the Belarusian entry.

Basic information

Performers: 3+2
Song: Butterflies
Language: English
Music: Maxim Fadeev (�ак�и�м Фад�еев)
Lyrics: Malka Chaplin (�алка Ц�аплин)
Draw: 16th in the first semi final

The song

Butterflies is a classical ballad. The lyrics use butterflies as a metaphore for people whose relationship is fragile, but light-harted:

We are so fragile
Just like melting snow
We've got to come to see
The beauty of love
And imagine…
And imagine…
Just imagine…

And we're like butterflies
Flying to the sun
The sun will never
Let us look inside
I believe
That all'll be opened up

The performers

3+2 consists of the five vocalists Artem Mihalenko (���ем �и�аленко), Egiazar Farashan (�гиаза� Фа�а��н), Yuliya Shyshko (Юли� Ши�ко), Alena Karpovich (�лена �а�пови�) and Ninel Karpovich (�инел� �а�пови�), who were all finalists in the televised talent search Nove golosa Belarus.

Art school attendant Artem Mihalenko entered the world of music when he competed in the televised talent search Nove golosa Belarus. He reached the finals of that show and following his performances, he was invited to perform with the state orchestra of Belarus. At the age of 20, he is the youngest member of the group. Egiazar Farashan was born in Armenia but his family moved to Belarus when he was still a child. He has won various international singing contests. Yuliya Shyshko actually studies music and she has also performed with the state orchestra of Belarus. Twin sisters Alena and Ninel Karpovich were already known as frequent performers on a lottery show in Belarus.

Artem Mihalenko, Egiazar Farashan and Yuliya Shyshko competed in the show Musical Court, which was originally supposed to select the Belarusian entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010. The song they performed was called Far away and the three singers were supported by backing vocalists Alena and Ninel Karpovich. They finished second. Later, they were internally selected as Belarusian representatives for Oslo and Alena and Ninel Karpovich were added to the line-up of the lead singers, which is the reason why the band was now called 3+2. Broadcaster BTRC later changed their entry to the new song Butterflies.

The songwriters

The Belarusian entry was written by Maxim Fadeev (music) and Malka Chaplin (lyrics). Maxim Fadeev has been a successful songwriter and music producer in Russia since the early 1990s, when he discovered singer Linda. Having worked with many different artists, he became a producer of the second season of the talent search star factory. The programme launched a series of successful careers including those of Emina Temnikova and Julia Savicheva, Russian entrant in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004. Maxim Fadeev composed her entry Believe me back then, which finished 11th in the final. Three years later, he would write another Russian entry in the contest, namely Song #1 for Serebro, who went on to finish third in Helsinki. Malka Chaplin was born in Poland but currently lives in the United states. She has already worked with Maxim Fadeev on various projects writing lyrics in both English and Russian.

The national selection

The program Musical court was organised by channel ONT, which was supposed to take over the responsibilty for the Eurovision Song Contest from BTRC. However, this did not work out and BTRC therefore went for an internal selection. The selected entrants were 3+2, who had finished second in Musical Court with Far away. Their song was alter changed to Butterflies.

Belarus in the Eurovision Song Contest

Belarus entered the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004 and was not very successful at the beginning being eliminated in the semi final on its first three attempts. However, it changed in 2007 when Koldun qualified for the final and finished sixth overall. In 2008 and 2009, the country did not make it to the final again.

�� жадаем �ела���i i 3+2 ���го найлеп�ага i доб�ага ��з�л��а�� � ��ле!
�� желаем 3+2 �да�и и �о�о�его �ез�л��а�а в ��ле!


The preview video:

The cancelled entry Far away:

Tomorrow, we will take a look at the Albanian entry.

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