FYR Macedonia: Karolina: “Never say never”

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Karolina Goceva, the only FYR Macedonian artist who managed to represent her country twice at the Eurovision Song Contest so far, namely in 2002 with Od nas zavisi and in 2007 with Mojot svet, has kindly answered some questions to esctoday.com after her performance at the BH Eurosong show in Sarajevo. Find out what she had to say, below.

You represented FYR Macedonia twice in the Eurovision Song Contest so far. What was your favourite year, 2002 or 2007? Which experience was more positive for you and what were the main differences?

Well, 2002 was more positive, more relaxed in a way, maybe because it was the first time. 2007 was more stressful, more intense somehow because I was performing in the semi finals and until it was announced that I am in the finals, I just couldn’t relax. But the last days, after I passed the semi final, I was really relaxed. So, I think I have better memories from 2002 because everyone was more relaxed then and there were better parties every day, every night.

The competition was a lot smaller back then.

Yes, the competition was smaller. We were all accommodated in one hotel, so it was easier to get to know all the other participants. I have better memories from that contest.

Both of your performances at the Eurovision Song Contest were very beautiful. It was noticeable that you had taken a big effort both times, as far as many aspects are concerned. In your view- despite good songs and unique presentation- what are the reasons you didn’t get rewarded with more points, not placing better than 19th in 2002 and 14t in 2007?

Well, I don’t really burden myself with those things because those are things that I cannot change. I did my best, both times and that’s what’s it about: The performance, the way I am delivering the song to the people. It’s not up to me to decide who the people are going to vote for. I cannot have any influence on that. But in 2002, when I was in Estonia, we were all surprised that Latvia won because the girl wasn’t among the favourites and the Scandinavian and Russian bloc was still working- it wasn’t the televoting but it was the jury. When it’s that kind of voting, it can be manipulated easily. But I think that in the last five or six years the songs which were among the best five have won the competition.

So, your main goal was to represent FYR Macedonia in the best way possible without thinking too much about the results?

Well, I don’t like to obsess about stuff that doesn’t depend on me. I’m responsible for my performance, the way I sing my song and how I am going to act during those seven days or two weeks but nothing else is up to me. It’s known that Macedonia is a small country and we don’t always have the possibilities some bigger countries have. We’re all left alone to ourselves and our team, of course. Whoever has a team. It’s up to us on how to make the PR before Eurovision.

You didn’t get any financial support?

No, there was no financial support so far, for none of our representatives. It’s all up to the artists and their sponsors.

There have been some discussions about you, as one of FYR Macedonia’s biggest and most loved artists, coming back to the Eurovision Song Contest in the near future to represent your country for the third time. Is that true, would consider doing it all again?

Well, that’s a frequently asked question for me. And my answer is always no, I don’t intend to do that. But I never say never because I stopped saying never the moment I realized that I did all the things that I once said I would never do. So, I don’t really have such a plan for the near future. But who knows, maybe. But the way I feel at this moment, I wouldn’t. It means big stress.

In your opinion, what are the reasons that FYR Macedonia never succeeded in making the top ten in the Eurovision Song Contest final so far? You did send some of your best singers.

Yes, we always had good performances. We didn’t have one lousy performance. Okay, maybe one.

Which one?

No, we won’t name anyone, it doesn’t matter. But maybe it’s because we don’t have good promotional activities because as I said, the television does not support its’ artists as they should. So, all the artists were left on their own and the promotional activities were always up to them and their previous connections with the neighbour countries. And that’s all.

What do you think of this year’s FYR Macedonian Eurovision Song Contest entry?

Oh, he’s a great singer. He’s one of the best male singers we have. I have known him for a long time and he’s a good friend of mine, so it’s really normal that I would have all the best words for him. Of course, I wish him the best of luck and want him to get into the finals.

What did you think about voting of this year’s Skopje Fest and the fact that the jury’s favourite won over the choice of the public?

Well, they’re both my friends so whatever I would say, it would be wrong. They’re both very popular singers in Macedonia. I would have been happy if either of them had won and as you see, I’m here with Gjoko, supporting him.

In your opinion, who of the young FYR Macedonian singers that didn’t get the chance to compete for Macedonia at the Eurovision Song Contest so far would be the best choice for the future? For example, Lambe has tried three times already…

Yes, he’s good, he’s very good. We also have some others but at this moment, I can’t really say who I would vote for because it depends on the specific song. Lambe is from the same town where I am from, so he’s very dear to me. We really have a lot of good singers in Macedonia.

In 2008, you took a break from your usual musical style and recorded a very special album called Makedonsko devojce . Can you tell us a little bit more about this project?

Yes, it was a special project made by Zlatko Origanski. Actually, Zlatko is the author of the music for Before the rain, the most popular Macedonian film ever made. We’ve made this ethno-album which was released two years ago and it was received very well in Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro… Makedonsko devojce part two is already planned for next year. But now, I’m quite busy with my next pop album, so I am concentrating on that right now. When I’m finished with that, I will focus on Makedonsko devojce part two.

When will your new pop album be coming out?

At the end of May.

Karolina’s message for esctoday.com:


Esctoday.com would like to thank Karolina fortalking to usand wish her the best of luck for all her future endeavours.

Karolina’s latest single, Za godina dve:

Live performance of Mojot svet at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest.


Live performance of Od nas zavisi at the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest:

Se lazam sebe

Za kogo


Ptico malecka


Ruza ruzica

Napred Makedonija

No one


Zaboravi, together with Vukasin Brajic




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