Watch now: Shorter episode of The Next Star in Israel

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Only a matter of hours after last night’s episode and we’re back once again in Israel, moving on to the next audition show in the country’s Eurovision national selection: The Next Star.

We’re back this evening for another 30-minute episode of Israel’s The Next Star, in which the search for the country’s next Eurovision representative continues.

Here’s a clip from last night’s The Next Star episode!

הצצה לאודישן של שרית חטיבה

צפו בהצצה נוספת לפרק של הכוכב הבא שישודר הערב (21:00), בערוץ 12: בזמן שהראל מתאהב בה, סטטיק ובן אל לא מצליחים להחליט אם היא מזייפת – האם הביצוע של שרית חטיבה ירים את המסך?

Geplaatst door ‎הכוכב הבא‎ op zondag 10 december 2017

How to watch

The Next Star 2018 will air this evening at 20:00 CET (21:00 local time) on the following channels:

The show

Monday’s see the return of the shorter episodes of Israel’s The Next Star, in which around a total of 3 artists audition in the hope of qualifying to the next stage of the competition.

Artists will be hoping to earn the votes of both the audience and the judging panel, with every auditionee needing to earn a minimum of 70% of the ‘Yes’ vote in order to advance in the competition.

The judging panel, consisting of a total of 4 members, will be able to provide each artist with a maximum of 40% of the ‘Yes’ vote, with the remaining percentage needing to be given by the viewing audience.

In the event of an artist receiving under 70%, the 2 hosts of the competition will be given the opportunity to ‘Save’ the artist with a special vote.

Who will proceed in tonight’s episode of The Next Star? Stay tuned for the results later this evening