San Marino: West End star Vince Bugg confirmed as second judge

by Eleanor Cooper 324 views

On Friday it was announced that the British dancer and choreographer, Vince Bugg, is the second confirmed judge for San Marino’s Eurovision selection.

Vince Bugg has worked on both West End and Broadway productions as a dancer and a choreographer, most notably in the Lion King.

“I’ve been professionally dancing since I was a young age,” he says in an interview with the 1 in 360 YouTube channel.

My professional career as an adult started stepping straight into The Lion King on the West End and then it escalated from there into Broadway, travelling the world, working in Asia, all over Europe, and now I find myself here.

He also says that he is looking to be a positive judge, as he is a shy and positive person.

I’m a little bit shy, but definitely know exactly what I’m looking for. I’m not going to be rude or negative to anybody. Positive critique is always what I’m looking for.

Vince Bugg joins previously announced judge Zoë Straub, Austria’s 2016 Eurovision representative and daughter of Christof, one of the brains behind this year’s selection.