Portugal: Salvador Sobral undergoes heart transplant surgery

by Jessica Weaver 1,574 views

Much loved and celebrated Eurovision Song Contest 2017 winner, Salvador Sobral, has undergone heart transplant surgery and is currently recuperating in hospital.

Having suffered with a long-running heart condition for many years, recent months have seen many reports regarding the search to find a compatible heart for Salvador Sobral.

Temporarily withdrawing from the music scene back in September, Sobral has been awaiting a new heart in hospital over the past number of weeks, with Salvador’s condition being heavily reported on across the globe.

Compatible heart found

On Friday the search was over to find a heart for Sobral: the singer underwent surgery at the Santa Cruz Hospital in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon, with surgeons revealing to the public that the Eurovision winner is “doing well” in his recovery.

Surgeon Miguel Abecasis revealed to the Publico Daily:

The surgery went well. He was very well prepared. He is a young man who understood the difficulties of this type of procedure.

Whilst Sobral’s recovery is expected to run for a long period of time, surgeons revealed that – if all goes well – Sobral will have a “completely normal life” following his recuperation.

Here at ESCToday, we wish Salvador Sobral the speediest of recoveries and we are all wishing him the very best.