NTU holds press conference at 16:00 CET

by Victor Hondal 68 views

At 16:00 CET, the Ukrainian broadcaster NTU will hold a press conference in order to present the new management of the broadcasting company following the resignation of its previous chairman and the change of government in the country. It is also expected that new plans for a national final to select the country's representative at Eurovision 2010 will be explained, which could lead to a replacement of appointed entrant Vasyl Lazarovich.

Vasyl Lazarovich's Eurovision bid could be in serious danger should the plans of the new board of NTU to hold a new national final in the country despite the tight deadline to submit the materials to the EBU turn out successful.

This afternoon, at 16:00 CET (17:00 local time), a press conference at the NTU headquarters will be held. The new management of the broadcaster will be presented, as well as the rules for the preselection, which would only come into force if the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine appoint the board within the few coming days.

Should this turn out as wished by the new board of NTU, preselection would consist of three phases, the first taking place tomorrow (auditions), the second on Friday (semifinal) and the last one on Saturday,(final) when the Ukrainian representative at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest would be proclaimed, thus replacing Vasyl Lazarovich and his song I love you.

UPD Egor Benkendorf has been appointed as president of NTU.

Stay tuned for more information.