Bosnia & Herzegovina: Deen releases Imena mi mog

by Eleanor Cooper 589 views

Two-time Eurovision contestant, Deen, has released a new single and video, Imena mi mog (My name belongs to me).

Deen’s latest song – Imena mi mog – also features Unanimo, an electronic music group hailing from Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

The music and lyrics were both written by Almir Ajanović, with the arrangement being created with Ajanović alongside the electronic music duo featuring on the track.

Check out Deen’s latest release below!

Deen at Eurovision

Deen first represented Bosnia & Herzegovina at the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 with his song In the disco. He finished in 9th place with 91 points.

Bosnia & Herzegovina had a break of three years from Eurovision before returning in 2016 with a group, including Deen, singing the song Ljubav je. Unfortunately, they failed to make the final and the country has not returned to the contest since.