Live: National final in Russia

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The Russian final better known as Evrovidenie-2010 will come up with one winner to represent Russia in the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

This year’s show will be broadcasted from RTR studios as 25 acts are expected to perform on stage.How to watch?

A webcast can be found here and on here.

A poll will follow after all the acts will be presented.


  1. Princessa Avenue
  2. Jay Stever
  3. Ana
  4. Miusha
  5. Para-bellum
  6. Pyotr Suhov
  7. Oleg Bezinskih
  8. Natalia Terekhova
  9. Jet Kids
  10. Pavla
  11. Ekaterina Frolova
  12. Ed Shulzhevskiy
  13. Music group of Peter Nalitch
  14. Buranovskiye babushki
  15. Alexander Panaiotov
  16. Nano
  17. Natalia Damas & L'brand
  18. Alena Roxis
  19. Antonello Carozza
  20. Polina Kozhikova
  21. Los Devchatos
  22. Yulika
  23. Elena Esenina
  24. Alaska
  25. Scenakardia


The show has started with Eurovision Song Contest 2009 winner Alexader Rybak performing his hit Fairytale.

The national final participants are now introduced one by one.

The hosts of the show Oxana Fyodorova and Dmitry Guberniev appear on stage.

The show is taking place at V. Nazarov's theatre as the hosts introduce the jury that will have a 50% say in the result.

1. Princessa Avenue Lovers

The line-up starts with a ballad song. A simple song with deep lyrics! There is a passionate atmosphere on stage. It is an all-female performance as a piano player and string player accompanies the main singer dressed in black.

2. Jay Stever I love, I love, I love, I love you

The lead singer is wearing a classic suit which doesn't go well with the happy tune of the song. He is accompanied by four female backing vocals. The chorus is repetitive as Jay encourages the live audience to sing the easily predictable lyrics. His performance reminds us of Pierro for Switzerland in 2004.

3. Ana Dva golosa

Ana appears alone on stage. It is the first song performed in Russian. She is dressed in a black short dress. Her vocals are flawless as she is keeping her performance as simple as possible. A semi-rock ballad that is different from the dozen ballads the contest will have in Oslo.

4. Miusha

Miusha is joined by three musicians, the framework of the song is mainly based on electronic keyboards which are highly noticed on stage. It is a different song but the chorus is not strong to make it memorable in the Eurovision Song Contest. There is no climax but surely a good production is behind this entry.

5. Para-bellum Ptitsa

An rnb song which turns into a ballad type. The male singer is clad in casual while the female artist appears in a shiny short dress, The vocals are very good and it is interesting to hear the English version of this song.

6. Pyotr SuhovYa uletayu

Pyotr is alone on stage clad in a conservative suit. He sings a simple ballad while the long notes are not pitched well. It is a typical Russian ballad but can this be appelaing for the general public that will follow the contest next May?

7. Oleg Bezinskih

The introduction of the song sounds promising and the tune is quite memorable. Oleg has a particular classic voice and there is no doub that this song was specifically created for the Eurovision Song Contest. He is accompanied by four dancers. The framework of the song is based on the classic musical Phantom of the Opera. The act receives a warm applause.

8. Natalia Terekhova Everything

Natalia is joined with a full band while she sings a rock entry which if selected would be something different from the stuff Russia presented in the past. Her vocals are excellent and the diction is impressing. The rock song gets even stronger and Natalia's hits a climax while she even does a perfect dimunendo to end the performance.

9. Jet Kids

One of the popular girl bands that perform in Moscow clubs presents an tempo rock song. Average vocals from the girls. There is still something missing to make this entry a contender but on the other hand the chorus is catchy enought to attract some votes.

10. Pavla Infatuated

Pavla is clad in a grey shiny outfit, she is accompanied by three energetic dancers. The vocals are far from being excellent but there is a lot of movement and dancing on stage so one expects that the singing would not reach the optimum level. It is a commercial song very radio friendly, with a bit of re-work this entry can be an energetic presentation for Russia in Oslo.

11. Ekaterina FralovaTout va bien

Ekaterina is accomapnied by male dancers and female back vocals. She sings the song in French and moves around the stage. One can't figure out easily the main chorus of this song i.e. the song is not catchy enough.

12. Ed ShulzhevskiyWithout you

The lead singer is accompanied by a band. He sings an electronic rock song. The bridge and the last chorus of the song is performed in Russian. The sincopation in the bridge is well performed. There is a standard production in this song but it does not meet the perfect tastes for Eurovision.

13. Peter Nalitch music group Lost and forgotten

The music group performs an outdated song which its framework is built on Elvis Presley's ballads. The lead singer is accompanied by guitar and drum players. They are all dressed in casual simple outfits.

14. Buranovskiye babushki

There is not one grand ma like Moldova had in 2005 but there are six women clad in traditional costumes. They are singing a typical traditional Russian song. The tune is catchy and funny as the live audience cheer them. There is no professional background but the presentation is exceptional. This could be the surprise Russia will present in Oslo.

The hosts are back and are announcing voting details since the tele-voting kicked-off when the first song was performed and will end 10 minutes after the end of the last act.

15. Alexander PanaiotovMaya showtime

One of the hot favourites to pick up the Russian ticket. He competed in the Russian final in recent years. The introduction of the song is already promising and dramatic. The dance routine is really worked for Eurovision though he is moving with the beaty tune the vocals are good. The concept of the act is provocative that can attract the majority of the votes.

16. Nano Take it away

A good rock entry that is different from the past rocky songs presented tonight. The female lead singer is accompanied by two guitar players , a keyboard player and a drummer. The lyrics are spicy while the main vocals are good. This could be a contender to fly to Norway next May, but it is said that this song is not eligible to enter the Eurovision Song Contest as it was published before 1st October 2009.

17. Natalia Damas & L'brand Much closer

Natalia is clad in a green dress and the male backing vocals are clad in suits. The rythm of the song is interesting though the lyrics are a bit repititive. Natalia's vocals are excellent even in the high notes. There is a dance routine taking place that make the whole package looks better.

18. Alena RoxisMy tears

Alena appears in a stylish lovely dress. She is singing a strong ballad which turns into a rocky rythm in the end. She is singing in a convincing way which means that Alena is enjoying every minute of her performance. The influence of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey in her childhood is highly noted in this performance.

19. Antonello Carozza

The Italian presence is in the Russian final as Antonello Carozza is singing an uptempo rocky entry. He sings about the beauty of music and his vocals are strong. Carozza certainly presents positive emotions even if he appears alone on stage. Antonello Carozza shows a lot of charisma that the Italians are re-owned.

20. Polina KozhikovaFor you

Polina is clad in a red long dress. She is accompanied by five dancers clad as black ghosts. She is singing a classic ballad while the lyrics are quite preditable. The vocals are strong and gets even stronger when she pitch the high notes. The red dress is switched to a white one to make this performance a dramatic and highly noticed.

21. Los DevchatosChocolate

A trio (all female act) is on stage as the chorus is repititve. This is a kitsch song that was presented by various countries in the contest. The good vocals is the sole positive aspect in this song that would not appeal to the Eurovision voters.

22. Yulika Delete

Yulika is accomapnied by four male dancers. The song is performed in Russian and the Samba factor is the main attraction in this beaty presentation. There is a lot of shaking in this song and the frame work recalls what Flamingosi presented in the controversial 2006 Beovizija.

23. Elena Esinina Mir bez tebya

Elena is clad in a classic black evening dress. She is joined by four female dancers clad as wedding brides. Two male maniquines are also situated on stage. The vocals are very good and the long notes are well performed but on the other hand the style of the song is so predictable. In certain parts Elena's voice reminds us of Anastasia Prihodko's vocals.

24. Alaska Piastry

The band is singing an uptempo circus tune. Despite being a fast song there is no high movement on stage. This song can easily receive Russian endorsement but it will be lost in Oslo.

25. Scenakardia Styokla

The last song is a reggae song presented by a male duo. One of the singers also plays the saxophone. The Jamaican reggae flavour is also presented in how certain notes are sung. The solo on the saxophone makes the song more catchy and appealing to the live audience that is enjoying the beat.

Job done by the competitors! The hosts are on stage as they announce another commercial break.

  • You can now vote for your favourite song in our POLL here.

A recap of all 25 songs is shown minutes before the voting ends.

Dima Bilan that originally had to compete in the national final with the song White Nights performs his winning Eurovision entry Believe.

Alexander Rybak is back on stage singing a folky song.

The televoting has finished and the hosts announce another commercial break.

Peter Nalitch music group is selected as the Russian representatives and will sing the song Lost and Forgotten.