Israel: Listen to the songs online

by Itamar Barak 83 views

The four songs which Har'el Ska'at will present to the Israeli public in the national final next Monday are now online for listening.

The Israeli national final will be broadcasted next Monday. In the meantime, the 4 songs are available for listening on Har'el Ska'at's official channel on Youtube. The final result will be determined by a combination of televoting and juries vote:50% attributed by televotingand the rest by an OGAE jury, Ska'at's fans panel anda panelconsisting ofTzvika Pik, Moshe Datz (Israel '91) and Mira Awad (Israel 2009). The Israeli public is already invited to vote for songs, through SMS and televoting only.

The national final will be hosted by the actor and TV presenter Ofer Shechter, and will include performances of other Israeli artists, such as Gali Atari and Shlomi Saranga.

The four songs are:

"Le'an" (Where to?/Away)

"Elayich" (Towards you)

"Le'hitkarev" (Closer)

"Millim" (Words)