Ukraine: Mariya Yaremchuk has released Do Nestyamy

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Ukrainian artist and 2014 Eurovision representative Mariya Yaremchuk is back with her latest single: Do nestyamy.

Do nestyamy reflects Mariya Yaremchuk‘s search for personal truth and freedom. The singer says:

Do nestyamy is a biographical page. This comes from a synergy with my friend, composer Mikhail Klimenko, who super-tunes the vibrations of my soul and knows my little life’s drama’s. One of them is my cry for freedom. Freedom from patterns and expectations, and the search for truth itself. And as you know, when you have loved yourself as you are – you have a chance to love someone else. And this is a true love.

Do nestyamy was composed and written by Mikhail Klimenko, produced by The Maneken-frontman Yevgeny Filatov, and the lyric video was created by Ilya Chaynikov. Mariya Yaremchuk also has plans to make a video clip of Do nestyamy with well-known director Alan Badoev.

Do nestyamy is available on iTunes.

About Mariya Yaremchuk

Mariya Nazarivna Yaremchuk (Chernivtsi, Ukraine, 1993) is a Ukrainian pop singer. She is the daughter of musician Nazariy Yaremchuk, who was distinguished with the honorary title People’s Artist of Ukraine. Unfortunately, Nazariy Yaremchuk passed away when Mariya Yaremchuk was two years of age.

Mariya Yaremchuk participated in the second season of the popular talent show Holos Krayiny (The Voice of the Country, part of the international The Voice-franchise) in 2012, placing fourth in the final. In 2013 the singer partook in the Ukrainian selection for Eurovision, eventually placing fifth with her entry Imagine.

In 2014, Mariya Yaremchuk represented Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, Denmark. With her up-beat entry Tick-tock she ultimately reached a respectable 6th place in the Grand Final, receiving 113 points.

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Enjoy Mariya Yaremchuk performing Tick-tock at the Grand Final of Eurovision 2014: