Live: Third elimination round in Germany

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The third elimination round of Unser Star für Oslo, the German performer selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 is about to be held. Six acts will compete and one of them will be eliminated from the competition.

How to watch?

There will be no official webcast, but all performances will appear on the official website shortly after the show. A full live report will be provided here on

Pro 7 is available on satellite. You can find detailed information on how to receive the channel here.

The participants

  1. Kerstin Freking
    (song: Better – Regina Spektor)
  2. Lena Meyer-Landrut
    (song: New shoes – Paolo Nutini)
  3. Jennifer Braun
    (song: Ain't nobody – Chaka Khan)
  4. Leon Taylor
    (song: Tears in heaven – Eric Clapton)
  5. Sharyhan Osman
    (song: In the city – own composition)
  6. Christian Durstewitz
    (song: Dance with somebody – Mando Diao)

Your opinion

You can vote for your current favourite performer in the top six in our poll here.


The show has started.

Sabine Heinrich and Matthias Opdenhövel welcome the audience and they once again explain the format of the show.

The top six are now presented in a video montage.

The jury is now introduced. As always, Stefan Raab is the first on stage. The two guest judges are Joy Denalane and Rae Garvey of Raemonn.

Commercial break now.

A short making-of video is shown.

1. Kerstin Freking

Current poll result (based on previous performances): 6th (12.9%)

Kerstin performs Better by Regina Spektor.

Once again, the choice of the song is perfect as it manages to show the special features of Kerstin's voice. She also seems more relaxed on stage every week and the cute outfit and hairstyle are obviously not a disadvantage. The vocal performance is technically flawless although the voice loses some power towards in the middle part of the performance. A strong opening performance although it may be questioned if her style would be suitable for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Stefan Raab says the intonation was perfect again but he missed some own interpretation during one part of the song.

Joy Denalane says that it was a very good performance and that she enjoyed especially the intro. She also says that there were some minor faults that could be improved.

Rae Garvey says that he was not a fan of Kerstin during the first shows but that has changed by now. He says that the performance was super.

2. Lena Meyer-Landrut

Current poll result (based on previous performances): 1st (28.0%)

Lena performs New shoes by Paulo Nutini.

Lena probably performs her most melodic song so far. Her performance is as entertaining as ever and even her vocal performance seems to have gained some additional power. And who would have thought that the new shoes are sneakers?

Joy Denalane says that Lena feels at home on stage and that the enthusiasm seems to reach the audience.

Rae Garvey agrees and he says that he likes her unique voice and style.

Stefan Raab says that it is interesting that she managed to show that she can perform different styles of music and that she chose a song originally performed by a male artist.

Commercial break now.

3. Jennifer Braun

Current poll result (based on previous performances): =2nd (15.9%)

Jennifer performs Ain't nobody by Chaka Khan.

Jennifer performs another classic. She manages to show many different shades of her voice and the general vocal performance is very strong. The stage performance is very passionate, although some of the gestures could be considered Schlager-like. This is probably her most confident performance so far and she could well qualify once again.

Rae Garvey compares her performance to a live performance of the original artist and he says that it was a great and flawless performance.

Stefan Raab says that he has known the song for 30 years but he says that it was a great performance. He also compared her to Chaka Khan.

Joy Denalane says that it was great but she should put less pressure on her voice.

4.Leon Taylor

Current poll result (based on previous performances): =4th (13.6%)

Leon performs Tears in heaven by Eric Clapton.

After last week's surprising choice, Leon goes for a slower song again. He seems a bit nervous tonight and the minimalistic arrangement of the song highlights some weaknesses in the vocal performances. Generally, the performance seems to lack some sort of highlight although it is generally of high quality. Still, Leon seems not to be able to reach the highlight he set during his first performance three weeks ago.

Stefan Raab says that it was an own interpretation and that it featured some elements of soul music.

Joy Denalane says that Leon has a beautiful voice. She says that the message of the song might be a bit too personal.

Rae Garvey says that Leon payed too much attention on the camera tonight but he enjoyed the vocal performance.

Commercial break now.

5. Sharyhan Osman

Current poll result (based on previous performances): =2nd (15.9%)

Sharyhan performs In the city, an own composition.

During her postcard, Sharyhan revealed that she wrote the song about the city of London. In the city is a fragile ballad which is undeniably of high quality. The singer lives the song and the vocal performance is flawless and very emotional.

Joy Denalane enjoyed the song but she liked the music better than the lyrics.

Rae Garvey says that the English accent was perfect this time. He considers it her best performance so far.

Stefan Raab says that her vocal performance is always perfect. He says that the song was very relaxed but he liked it.

6. Christian Durstewitz

Current poll result (based on previous performances): =4th (13.6%)

Christian performs Dance with somebody by Mando Diao.

Christian brings his guitar back on stage and he delivers a perfect and entertaining performance. This style seems to be perfect for him and it is more than obvious that he feels at ease on stage.

Stefan Raab says that it was awesome.

Joy Denalane says that she cannot come up with any negative criticism. She likes the song and the singer.

Rae Garvey says that Christian rocks but he says that the guitar was a barrier between him and the audience.

This concludes the performances. Our poll will be closed in five minutes.

The jury tells their favourites now.

Rae Garvey: Refuses to give a verdict

Joy Denalane: Best – Christian Durstewitz

Stefan Raab: Most likely to be eliminated – Sharyhan, Leon — Most likely to qualify: Lena, Christian

A recap is now shown with all six performances.

Our poll is closed for voting now. You can find the updated results above.

The results are about to come in.

Kerstin Freking to the next round!

Christian Durstewitz to the next round!

Sharyan Osman to the next round!

Lena Meyer-Landrut to the next round!

Jennifer Braun tothe next round!

Leon Taylor is elmininated from the competition.

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