Ukraine: Song titles and songwriters revealed

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This Saturday, March 6th, Ukraine will select their entry for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. The internally selected singer Vasyl Lazarovych will perform five songs for the public and the jury to choose from.

This is the complete line- up for the national final(Composers/ lyricists in brackets):

  1. Adrenalin
    (music: Dmitriy Klimashenko, Ukraine; lyrics: Olga Yarynich, Ukraine)
  2. I know
    (music: Nikola Karajia, Romania; lyrics: Brandon Stone, Germany)
  3. Shine of your star
    (music and lyrics: Ziga Pirnat, Slovenia and Brandon Stone, Germany)
  4. Don’t wanna loose you
    (music and lyrics: Claes Andreasson, Sweden)
  5. I love you…
    (music: Brandon Stone, Germany; lyrics: Brandon Stone, Germanyand Olga Yarynich, Ukraine)

The winning song will be selected by a mixture of televoting and jury voting, each party having a stake of 50% in the outcome. In case of a tie, the votes cast by the jury will have the final say.

Ukraine will perform in the first half of the second semi final, to be held on May 27th.