Romania: Save their lives

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Luminita Anghel represented Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 in Kiev along with Sistem and ended up 3rd, the best place ever Romania had in this contest. Tony Tomas and Adrian Piper have tried twice to represent their country with no luck but this year they join their forces and hands to prove that they have the power to, save their lives!

This year, the three "musketeers" have joined their forces to save their lives. The song composed by the big Romanian composer, Edward Carcota, is an anthem for all the abused children.

Luminita Anghel have worked many years in organizations about child abuse. She contacted Edward and asked him to make a song about this issue and Tony Tomas joined her to this race. As the song is not about love or something else they both decided to find another artist to join them. Thats how Adrian Piper entered the project proving once more his great vocal skills.

"The three musketeers" have a special message that want to pass through this song. They want to help and try to hug all children that face any kind of violence anywhere in this world.
You can see the interview given to esctoday some days ago here.

The lyrics of the song were written by Melinda Bartas

Innocent child, you could not shout it out loud
Neglect or maybe abused, you didnt ask for your life
You wish you were dead

We're leading your life, you got tears drowning your face
Your eyes are veiled by your sadness
We shouldnt bruise hurt or kill you

Save their lives , make children suffering fade
Crying though but only when they are alone
Save their lives

Show them a word a playful one
Please guide them through their fears
and ask in your prayers about how can we

Saving your souls we 're taking a life in our hands to care of
A child cant choose, please dont deny them
for life long, all life long

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