Miro will sing Angel si ti in Oslo

by Victor Hondal 2,188 views

The Bulgarian national final to determine the song to be performed by Miro in Oslo has been held. The Bulgarian viewers have decided that Angel si ti will be their entry in Eurovision 2010. This song has won the national final by an overwhelming 48% of the vote.

Tonight, Miro, the 2010 Bulgarian entrant, has performed the 5 songs out of which the audience have massively supported Angel si ti as their next Eurovision entry. The other songs in the competition were Twist & Tango, Eagle, Ostani and Moyat pogled v teb.

Complete results

No. Song
1 Angel si ti
2 Twist & Tango
3 Eagle
4 Ostani 8.53%
5 Moyat pogled v teb

esctoday.com poll results

Our readers have widely agreed with the final outcome of the Bulgarian national final, as they voted for Angel si ti by an overwhelming 56.5%. In second place, but far behind the winner, is Eagle with 13.6% of the vote. Ostani, Twist and Tango and Moyat pogled v teb came third, fourth and fifth in our poll, respectively.

esctoday.com national final awards 2010

The 2010 esctoday.com National Final Awards will be held between April and May, which means between the national final season and the Eurovision Song Contest. We will repeat the same format with two rounds for nominations which was used this year – you can read how it works here. However, this time the individual polls for each country will always be held right after the national final, when the entries are still fresh. You can vote for your favourite performance not to qualify in the Bulgarian national final here and for your favourite song not to qualify here.

The winning performance: