Sofia to sing Shine at the Eurovision Song Contest

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The Georgian national final to determine the country's representative at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest was held tonight. The internally selected singer Sofia Nizharadze performed six songs for the public and the jury to choose from and eventually, it was decided that the Georigan entry for Oslo will be Shine written by Hanne Sørvaag, Harry Sommerdahl and Christian Leuzzi.

The winning song was chosen was a mixture of public and jury voting. Hanne Sørvaag has also co-written the Norwegian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, My heart is yours. She will therefore be one of the few songwriters to have two entries in the competition in the same year. poll results

The poll voters widely agreed with the choice. Shine had finished second in the poll with 18.4%, 3.6% behind Our world. national final awards 2010

The 2010 National Final Awards will be held between April and May, which means between the national final season and the Eurovision Song Contest. We will repeat the same format with two rounds for nominations which was used this year – you can read how it works here. However, this time the individual polls for each country will always be held right after the national final, when the entries are still fresh. You can vote for your favourite performance not to qualify in the Georgian national final here and for your favourite song not to qualify here.