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The Georgian national final to determine the country's representative at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest is about to be held. The internally selected singer Sofia Nizharadze will perform a total of six songs, out of which one will become the Georgian entry for Oslo.

How to watch?

A webcast will be made available here andon here (requires Octoshape plugin).


Running order with composer/lyricist in brackets.

  1. Our world
    (Mikheil Mdinaradze)
  2. Sing my song
    (Svika Pick)
  3. Never give in
    (Tinatin Japaridze, Ben Robbins, Billy Livsey)
  4. For eternity
    (Andrej Babic/Carlos Coelho)
  5. Call me
    (Brandon Stone)
  6. Shine
    (Hanne Sørvaag, Harry Sommerdahl, Christian Leuzzi)

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The show has just started. A dance routine is presented before the host of tonight welcomes the audience and explains the procedure of the national selection.

1. Our world

Current poll result: 1st (22.0%)

Sofia is performing the first bid for Eurovision, Our world. She is wearing a purple dress and she is accompanied by various dancers. The music is a bit reminiscent of Enya's ethereal music but doesn't come close to her authenticity and becomes more kitschy than anything else, also due to the lyrics. Something also doesn't quite add up in the performance. However, this might stand a chance tonight, probably also because it is one of the songs written by a Georgian sonwriter.

2. Sing my song

Current poll result: 3rd (16.3%)

Svika Pick, the man behind Sing my song, has already won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1998 for Israel, as composer of Dana International's song Diva. Morever, he is also responsible for Israel 2002 (Sarit Hadad – Light a candle) and Ukraine 2003 (Olexandr Ponomariov – Hasta la vista).

Sofia has changed her clothing for the second song to a light blue evening dress. Sing my song is a rather low-key ballad with Sofia trying to reach out to her lover through this song. The song is lacking a highlight, therefore it could be at risk of being overlooked at the Eurovision Song Contest, if it were to be selected tonight.

3. Never give in

Current poll result: 6th (11.7%)

Never give in is co-written by Tinatin Japaridze, who also co-wrote Yohanna's Is it true, the song that brought Iceland second place at last year's Eurovision Song Contest.

Sofia now is wearing black trousers and a short white dress with quillings. A dance/pop song, faster than the previous two, unfortunately it fails to leave a bigger impact, Sofia's good vocals can't quite make up for the rather anonymous song. The staging doesn't seem to be working very well here either, but that was the case with all performances so far, with Sofia's dancers being more distracting than supporting.

4. For eternity

Current poll result: 5th (16.0%)

For eternity is a song by Eurovision veteran Andrej Babic, who is responsible for no less than five Eurovision Song Contest entries so far, namely Croatia 2003, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2005, Slovenia 2007, Portugal 2008 and Slovenia 2009. The lyrics are written by Carlos Coelho, lyricist of the 2008 Portuguese entry.

For eternity sounds very much like a musical song and could easily have been on the soundtrack of a Disney film. The lyrics are quite common. Suitably for the song, Sofia is more conservatively dressed, wearing a long black dress this time. Again, the dancers are slightly distracting but Sofia is doing the best she can and seems quite comfortable performing this song, putting a lot of emotion into it.

5. Call me

Current poll result: 4th (15.6%)

A drastic change of genre: This pop/dance song appears to be an attempt of picking up Lady Gaga's style. The performance doesn't work at all, maybe not the best choice, as Sofia is much more capable with her vocal abilities than this song allows her to. Moreover, Sofia makes the impression of being more of a serious singer than a performer. She is wearing black trousers, a white blouse and a golden vest.

6. Shine

Current poll result: 2nd (18.4%)

Hanne Sørvaag is responsible for Didrik Solli- Tangen's My heart is yours, the entry which will represent host country Norway on homeground at this year's Eurovision Song Contest. She also co-wrote the German entry in 2008, Disappear.

A rather typical ballad about not losing one's hope. Sofia is wearing a pink dress, looking a bit like a nightgown. She is giving her best to get the most of the song, however, something is missing here. The song definitely lacks some soul.

A recap of all songs is being shown.

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Our poll is closed now. You can find the updated results above.

The results are coming in.

Shine has won the national final will be the Georgian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010.

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