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In anticipation of the final of Eurosong 2010, Ireland's pre-selection to determine the country's representative at the Eurovision Song Contest, will be providing you with interviews of the participants competing for the honour of representing Ireland in Oslo. The national final will be held on Friday, March 5th and our series of interviews kicks off with Leanne Moore. Find out what she had to say below.

Congratulations on qualifying to the final of Eurosong 2010. If you were to represent Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest, what would that mean to you personally?

I'm a big sports fan, mainly rugby, and I always feel the passion of the players as they line out in the Irish jersey ready to play for their country. I've always thought that must be an amazing feeling. If I was fortunate enough to be able to do the same (represent my country I mean, I'd be useless at rugby!) it would be both an honour and a privilage, something I would take very seriously and hold close to my heart. Opportunities like that don't happen everyday, I would just embrace it.

You are the winner of the sixth series of RTÉ's You're A Star in 2008. Tell us a little bit more about this experience and how you won the hearts of so many people in Ireland.

You're a Star was both the best and worst experience i've ever had. For me it was confronting fears each and every week on live TV. Essentially it made me the person I am today. I never thought in my wildest dreams I would win. I took each week as it came and dealt with the emotions that brought. I have amazing memories from the time and learned some really great life lessons.

Besides being a singer, you are also studying as a journalist. If you had to choose, which of those two careers would you prefer?

Oooooo!!!! I'm studying Journalism and Media Communications. Ultimately I'd like to present on radio and TV but writing has always been a passion of mine so Journalism was a great choice. I suppose if I had to choose, from a steady career point of view my head would say all of the above mentioned, but my heart would say singing…….

Back to your bid for the Eurovision Song Contest: What is your song 'Does Heaven Need Much More' about? Can you relate to its’ message?

Its a beautiful song with a beautiful philosophical meaning! Something that may never be answered. The lyrics refer to the romance and love between two people and questions whether heaven can offer more than that blissful state!

Your song has been written by two previous irish song-writers in Eurovision 2007, namely John Waters and Tommy Moran whose song 'They Can't Stop The Spring' which came last in the final. Does that fact put any extra pressure on you to be more successful?

I don't read into all that! I don't feel any pressure apart from the pressure I place upon myself to do my best! The past is the past and I look to the future!

How are the preparations for your performance on March 5th going? What can we expect?

Preparations are going strong! It's so exciting when the ball stars rolling! Its a great uptempo song so I'm hoping to just do it the justice it deserves!

In your view, who will be the one to beat at the Irish national final?

Everyone is equal! Thats the way in any competition. I don't read into favourites. Thats an unhealthy frame of mind to have! I've not heard any of the other tracks, but I was delighted to meet Niamh Kavanagh! She was my all time favourite winner!

What are your future musical plans after Eurosong 2010?

I've spent the last year writing some material of my own with Eleanor Mc Evoy and also recording tracks by some really talented songwriters including fellow Limerick man Richard Lynch. I think its healthy to keep being creative in that way. I don't make plans! They never work out!! All I've worked on is varied and very different but I just really enjoy being a part of it.

What is your favourite colour and why?

Um….. Navy I think. I've always loved blue so this is like an extension of that. And green of course 😉

Finally, what message would you like to send out to our readers at

Eurovision Abu!

Slan leat xxxxx would like to thank Leanne Moore for taking the time to this interview and wish her the best of luck for the Irish national final on Friday, March 5th.