“We believe in his talent”

by Dominique Dufaut 97 views

Tuesday's edition of national daily France Soir had one page on Jessy Matador – real name Jessy Kimbangin – this year's French choice, with the title “Eurovision raises a scandal”.

Journalist Sébastien Catroux writes on what French eurofans already expressed in Télé Loisirs, but he also asked questions to France Télévisions' entertainement manager.

"Nicolas Pernikoff chose the French candidate", the headline says. Here are his answers.

France Soir: How did you choose Jessy Matador?

Nicolas Pernikoff: He's got a real talent, his forthcoming album is good. It will be published right before the contest, with France Télévisions' support. We were in advanced negociations with Christophe Willem, but it didn't come to an agreement.

France Soir: Do you understand reluctances of some French Eurofans?

Nicolas Pernikoff: They haven't heard the song yet, so they can't really judge. Moreover, it is wrong to think Eurovision can't reach good viewing figures with unknown artists. When Virginie Pouchain took part, in 2006, figures were excellent. I have also heard that Jessy Matador is of Congolese origins. So what ?

France Soir: According to you, what are his chances to win the contest?

Nicolas Pernikoff: We will compete with something "festive", lively, in the same vein than Magic System group. We will try everything, even if we have to take into account the complex geopolitical dimension of the contest, when it comes to vote, with neighbouring countries supporting each others. Last year, Patricia Kaas already paid the price for this.