Liechtenstein: 1 FL TV applies for EBU membership; sets its eyes on Eurovision 2019

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 5,544 views

Will we see a new country debut at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019? Will Liechtenstein join the Eurovision party in the near future? We bring you the latest news regarding the latest rumours and rejoinders about the principality’s Eurovision ambitions.

Whilst we are preparing for the forthcoming 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon and the official list of participants for Eurovision 2018 is yet to be released by the EBU, the ESC’s grapevine is already buzzing with potential debuting countries in ESC 2019.

Following reports in local media portals in Liechtenstein stating the country’s plans to join the Eurovision Song Contest in May, ESCToday decided to investigate further into the matter and contacted 1 FL TV in order to shed more light on this matter.

1 FL TV the national broadcaster of Liechtenstein has confirmed to ESCToday that it has applied for EBU membership and is currently in process of complying all requirements. The broadcaster intends to participate at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest and has already got a plan of action in order to select its Eurovision act and entry, if and when its EBU membership is approved and granted.

1 FL TV gave the following statement to ESCToday:

We have already applied for EBU Membership. We are now undegoing full application process. We plan a Liechtenstein Song Contest for 2018 and the winners will qualify for Eurovision 2019. The actual reason for our decision is that in 2019 Liechtenstein will celebrate 300 years of independent principality.

Las September, 1 FL TV confirmed to ESCToday that Liechtenstein would not debut at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon.

1 FL TV sent ESCToday a press release regarding Liechtenstein’s 300th anniversary celebrations and the country’s plan to participate at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

Here is an excerpt from the press release:

Eurovision 2019 with Liechtenstein

The absolute highlight of 300 years will be the participation of Liechtenstein in the Eurovision Contest in 2019. In 2018, 1FL will launch the Liechtenstein Music Contest. Open to any form of music: from classical acapella vocals to singers, pop, rock, country and guggamusic. Limitation max 6 people on stage.

For this, 1FL has started discussions with the EBU, but as Peter Heeb said that will be a big financial challenge for the broadcaster, but you have to see the tremendous opportunity for Liechtenstein.

EBU Membership

The Liechtensteiner broadcaster is not an active member of the EBU, thus it is not eligible to participate in the contest currently. Therefore it has to become a full EBU Member in order to partake in the competition.

Hurdles and obstacles to overcome

The broadcaster faces 2 major challenges in order to fulfill its wish to participate at the Eurovision Song Contest in the future; it requires the support from the government and to solve the financial constraint an EBU membership entails, not forgetting the costs of a Eurovision participation.

Once it overcomes these hurdles and it becomes an active member of the EBU we will possibly see Liechtenstein join the Eurovision family!

The landlocked country has a rich musical heritage and has many talented singers, musicians, choirs and orchestras.

2 years ago, 1 FL TV told ESCToday  that Liechtenstein was interested in participating in the contest but had to evaluate the financial costs an EBU membership entails.

Would you like to see Liechtenstien debut at the Eurovision Song Contest in the near future?